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 中田一志 Kazushi Nakada

Kazushi Nakada is an artist from a Japanese ceramics family. He has lived and worked in Europe for more than 30 years. His artwork is shown in Europe, Asia, and the US. He also taught and gave lectures at several universities in Europe and Asia as a lecturer and professor. He can be regarded as a "border-less person”. He was born in Japan, studied in the UK, worked in Denmark and Finland. Lately he opened a Shanghai studio.

He is the third generation of a ceramic family. His grandfather, Rokusaburo Nakada(中田六三郎), was a potter of Kiyomizu-yaki, and his father (中田明守)was a prominent ceramist who received the Zuiho Medal (瑞宝単光章受章) from the Japanese government in 2015. Kazushi pursued his own creative endeavors and established careers outside of Japan. However, his working attitude is influenced by Japanese traditional ceramics, spending time in a studio, and hand-making.

He had the chance to interact with so many diverse cultures because to his global employment experience. His interests have gradually changed from material-based production to humanities- or cultural-based art projects that connect to the "reality" he has encountered in his life.

His project incorporates a variety of media, including sound, video, ceramics, and photography, and its results likewise vary. It could be a porcelain installation, an adorable glass toy, or a film featuring a "pink cat." They may appear disjointed and incoherent. Nonetheless, he bases his creative vision and uniting factor on societal issues and a basic sense of humanity. Additionally, it develops his own consistent style.

He comments "Expressing a social, philosophical, or political question are the main motive to create art projects. It is interesting to explore the whole entity of human beings and what is happening around the world in a period of diversity and pluralism. Art does not help people as medical science does, nor does it offer spiritual support as religions do.But art may make people think, realize, and act"


Kazushi Nakada

Based in Helsinki Finland and Shanghai China

Member of the Association of Finnish Sculptors

Honorable degree, Ukrainian Ministry of Education,  Academy of Art Lviv, Ukraine

Solo Exhibition


“Art project, KN-Artoy, Flower monster” 尚合院gallery, Ningbo China 

“Art project, KN-Artoy, Flower monster” 白川gallery, Nanjing China



Art project "My archaeology", Art Front Gallery, Tokyo Japan



Art project “Pink Copycat” video & photography installation.  Gallery M space, Shanghai China



Art project " My Archaeology", Shanghai glass museum, Shanghai China


Kazushi Nakada artwork, Mentzendorff House/gallery, Riga Latvia



“Infinity”, The Finnish glass museum, Riihimäki Finland



“Wall X”, Outside public installation, Esplanadi, Helsinki light festival, Helsinki Finland

Selected exhibitions





Group exhibition “665448”, Haapsalu Linna Gallery, Haapsalu Estonia

Group exhibition “Love is more”, Being Art Museum, Shanghai China



The online video project, 60day of lockdown, Luxelakes A4 Art Museum, Chengdu China



Group exhibition, Objekti 5, Espoo Finland

International symposium Lviv Academy of Art, Lviv Ukraine

The art project, "Please copy me", Shanghai China            


Ningbo international art and Glass European/ Asian Conference, Ningbo, China

Vediet' vidiet´, mal'ovat' (sklo ako plátno), gallery Medium, Bratislava Slovakia

To know, To see, To paint (Glass as a Canvas)


International glass symposium Lviv Academy of Art, Lviv Ukraine


Exhibition “Abandoned house” gallery Makslas Banka, Riga Latvia

Exhibition “glass art” gallery Levant Art, Shanghai China


Exhibition “11th International Glass Symposium IGS”,

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Prague Czech Republic


International Glass Symposium Nobý Bor Czech Republic

European glass exhibition Wroclaw railway station gallery, Wroclaw Poland



Exhibition “Finnish glass lives” Riihimäki Finland

Exhibition “Glass voice” Latvian Academy of Arts, Riga Latvia

Exhibition “25 years anniversary” Ebeltoft glass museum, Ebeltoft Denmark


Exhibition “Finnish glass art” MUDAM, Luxembourg


Exhibition “Finnish glass art & design”

Industrial Museum, Düsseldorf Germany

Glasmuseum Hentrich, museum kunst palast Dortmund Germany



Exhibition “Kolme= San”, Jarvenpää Talo, Jarvenpää Finland

Exhibition “Finnish glass”, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art Istanbul, Turkey


L’art du verre Finlandais, Nancy France

Coburg prize, selected artist, Coburg Germany

International glass symposium “RONA” & Exhibition

“Unknown forms” Lednické Rovne, Slovakia

Exhibition Glass Voice, Latvian applied art museum, Riga Latvia       


Global art glass triennial, Borgholm Sweden


International competition of glass Kanazawa, selected artist, Kanazawa Japan

Exhibition “Works in Bardibukk 2004”, Kaposbar Hungary

Solo exhibition “Infinity”, The Finnish glass museum, Riihimäki Finland

Exhibition “Vetri nel mondo oggi”, Palazzo Franchetti, Venice Italy



SPAIN”, Espaividre Gallery, Barcelona Spain

Permanent Collection

Being Art Museum, Shanghai China

The Finnish glass museum, Riihimäki Finland                                

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft Denmark.

Susan and Martin Gould, Philadelphia, the US

Kaj Franck Square, Arabianranta, public installation, Helsinki Finland

National Museum of Art Lviv, Lviv Ukraine 

Decorative Art Museum of Prague, Prague Czech Republic

Shanghai glass museum, Shanghai China

Green wave glass museum, Ningbo China

Private collections in Asia, Europe, and the USA




Tokyo Glass Art Institute, postgraduate program, Kawasaki Japan



Royal College of Art, Ceramics and Glass Dept. MA, London England

Working experience



Full-time teacher, Senior Lecturer

University of Art and Design Helsinki / Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Faculties.




Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest Hungary


2013 September

Invited artist & lecturer

Rochester Institute of Technology,

College of Image Science and Technology, NY USA 


2017 October

Invited Professor

Wroclaw Academy of Arts, Glass dept, Wroclaw Poland

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