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Kazushi Nakada Por 2021.jpg

 中田一志 Kazushi Nakada RCA MA


Kazushi Nakada is an artist from a Japanese ceramist family. He has lived and worked in Europe for more than 23 years. His artwork is shown in Europe, Asia and the US.  He also taught at several Universities as a lecturer and a professor in Europe.


He is the third generation of a ceramist family. His grandfather Rokusaburo Nakada (中田六三郎)was a potter of Kiyomizu-yaki and his father (中田明守)was a prominent ceramist and received Zuiho medal (瑞宝単光章受章)

from the Japanese government in 2015.


Lately, Kazushi started to focus on his artwork and started new projects. He uses a variety of mediums such as ceramics, video/sound/photography and abandoned objects. One of his latest projects “My Archaeology” explores one’ ritualic experience and his or her episodic memory as art.  

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