Art project "My archaeology" 2015~

Video, photography, objects, installation

"Even though I have worked on this project for several years. I sometimes question myself if this is called “art”.

However, this project enables me to express social, philosophical or political questions.  What I am urged to explore is not about artistic matters but the whole entity of human being and on-going events around the globe. I already had this project in more than 15 countries and 18 different locations......  Questions,,,,, wonders continue to be appearing."

I meet people and make artwork based on his or her personal episode. I document the working process and a part of the artwork is buried in nature at the end of the project. The model who offers their episode experiences my art process and it will create an episodic memory in them.

The current event happens at the time of the present age, and it will be completed at the same time.  Most of things and events are impossible to extend their existence. However, by using metrology of reserving, burying an object and episodic memory, the project can be progressing on the time axis of 100 years and 1000 years.  It is like a legend scripture in one of Buddhism in Asia.

And I might be transmitting my thoughts in the future as well.


The project may enable us to think about our life and society from a different perspective and a timescale.  

And it encourages us to reframe “our value” and especially reconsider a notion of human culture and living together in a longer time span.

From "Kazushi's memo,,,,, Episodic memory and time" Apri 2018